How To Know If Your Suit Is A Perfect Fit For You

Making tailored suits Adelaide calls for considerable time and effort for any bespoke tailor. A lot goes into constructing that incredible perfect fit! A good fit not only instills confidence but also keeps you at ease throughout the hectic day. So here we unveil the secrets of a perfectly fitted suit as suggested by our master tailors.


At Lamilago, we believe in the power of well-fitted outfits. Whether you want to flaunt a perfect wedding look or a corporate look, suits are a must. But expensive and fashionable suits are not worthy unless they fit you perfectly. If you are planning to visit a suit shop Adelaide, this post is the best thing to read. 

Our Master Tailors Share Finer Details Of Mens Suit

When a tailor adheres to finer details, you get a suit to strike a perfect look! Whether you are looking for the best suits weddings or business wear, these tips will help you.

1. Jacket Shoulders 

The jacket's shoulders should be exactly made as per your shoulder’s contour. It is almost impossible for any bespoke tailor to alter them. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why a bespoke is always better than ready-to-wear. The shoulder seam should be lying flat on your shoulder. 

When the shoulders are too tight, it results in a divot. This is called a shoulder bite that stretches towards the back of the sleeve head. When the shoulder is wider or loose, it results in a shoulder sag. It is difficult to adjust the ill-fitted jacket shoulders completely. 

2. Ideal Jacket Sleeve Length

Many men ignore this while they pick their suits. But a professional tailor certainly knows the drill. The suit jacket sleeve should end at the mid-cuff of your shirt. Anything longer or shorter than that won’t make a perfect sleeve. The shorter sleeve will allow the full cuff of the shirt to be visible. While the long sleeves will completely block the view of the shirt cuff. Take care that the sleeve of the jacket rests just above the spot where your wrist meets your hand. If your jackets and shirts are perfect, the right amount of shirt cuff is visible. 

3. Button Stance

Button stance defines the placement of the buttons on your jackets. Menswear experts have already debated the button stance a lot. Because many contemporary jackets have a mid to high stance for the button. Let us first understand the different button stances.

  • Higher Button Stance 

    Men with proportionate body frames look great with a high button stance. The lower body will appear longer with this. Men with shorter legs can use this stance to make their legs appear longer. Do not forget to discuss the right button stance with your wedding dress Adelaide tailor. 

  • Standard or Natural Button Stance

    This is when the first button is slightly lower than the higher button stance. This works well for the majority of men unless they are with extreme physiques. It won’t work for men if they are too tall and thin or with shorter legs and longer torso.

  • Lower Button Stance

    Here the button is placed below the natural waistline. This will make a good amount of your tie and shirts visible. And creating a bigger V zone in the upper part that makes you look longer. So if you have long legs with a shorter torso, go for a lower button stance.

When you are trying a suit, check properly how it looks after buttoning. If you notice creases, it is small for you in the front. A well-fitted suit jacket will remain flat without any crease. If you find it saggy, it is loose for you. Overall, the body of any suit jacket should fit closely to your body without any crease or pulling, or sags. 

4. Length Of Jacket

A perfect suit jacket covers you to the point where your hips start curving back inward. The jacket hem should be hitting around the mid of your hands. Or where the fingers and palm connect. If the jacket is falling longer than your arms, the length is more than it should be.  

5. Jacket Collar

Bad collar fit happens when the neck size of the jacket is wrong for you. The suit jacket collar rests against the shirt collar without apparent gaps in between. It’s easy to spot when the collar is loose. As it will flop back off your neck. Vice Versa, a tight collar will be difficult to spot. It will create folds beneath it and wrinkles the shirt collar. 

Also, the collar rolls are crucial. They occur when the slope of the jacket does not fit the posture of the wearer. Bespoke tailors need to be careful with collar roll, especially for men with high shoulders. 

6. Jacket Chest

The jacket chest should sit on the wearer’s chest without gaps. Chest breaks or gaps appear when the jacket is too small or too big for the wearer’s chest. The chest gaps may also be the result of the ill-fitted shoulders. 

7. Perfect Suit Trousers

Bad fit in trousers can ruin your gorgeous suit jacket. Overall, well-fitted trousers should showcase a trimmed and sharp look without being tight. When you are trying your suit, check your trousers carefully for any creases as well as bulging. 

The seat of the trousers should fit without pulling. The side pockets should be flat against the sides without popping out. If you feel they are popping out, the pants are not a perfect fit for you.

Ideal suit trousers should be fit through your thighs and slightly narrow at the bottom. The hem of your suit trousers should touch the top of your shoes. It should have a very little break in the front but never at the back of the shoe.

10 Bad Fit Warning Signs To Identify Perfect Men's Suits

10 Bad Fit Warning Signs To Identify Perfect Men's Suits

Before we wrap up, here are some significant bad fit warning signs that may spoil your suit. Adelaide men's suits are incomplete without these perfections. 

  • The jacket's shoulders have sags or bites.
  • Improper button stance that either pulls or makes the front look bulgy.
  • The jacket is not covering your buttocks somewhere around 80%.
  • The jacket sleeves are made to touch the mid of the shirt cuff.
  • The jacket collar is creating a collar gap.
  • There are chest breaks or chest gaps.
  • There are collar rolls behind your back.
  • The seat of the trouser is not smooth but creased.
  • The pant pockets are popping out.
  • The pants break at the back of the shoe. It is not covering the back of the shoe. 

Your bespoke suit tailor Adelaide calls you for a trial before delivering the suit. When you are trying your suit before finalizing, wear it and look in the mirror. Do watch for these signs to guarantee your suit is a perfect fit for you. It’s worth investing your time in knowing these things. And you can escape ill-fitted suits.