Inspiring Trends & Ideas For Groom’s Wedding Suits

Men’s Suits: Have You Planned Your Wedding Day Suits Inspiring Trends & Ideas For Groom’s Wedding Suits

If your wedding is on the cards, you have all reasons to check these inspiring tips and ideas. Since the day is super special for you and your family, start planning your suit at least 2-3 months before getting a custom-tailored suit. Unless you are going for a rental or off the rack suit, keep a generous outfit timeline. Because you also need to consider what your bride is going to wear. And of course how the groomsmen will dress up!

What Goes Into Making Ultra-Perfect Groom’s Suits

Every couple wants their wedding day to be a near utopian day. But simply following the fashion trends just won’t cut! At Lamilago, we make it possible through our artful tailoring. We are glad to share what our suit specialists have to say.

What Are Types Of Wedding Day Attires For Men

Not all modern-day weddings are black-tie events. Many couples today go for semi-formal and even informal weddings. Depending upon the season, venue, and time of the wedding, grooms can choose from these classic types.

Morning Dress

Also, known as a morning coat or a cutaway coat, Morning Dress suits are perfect for daytime weddings. It’s a classic choice for grooms to look ceremonious. The popular colors are grey, blue, and black. Nowadays, morning dresses are worn only for formal affairs and hence it makes sense when you want to strike a strictly formal look for your big day.


If your wedding is in the evening and you have made up your mind to stand apart from the crowd, dress coats are the best. Dress coats are for formal white tie events and are a great choice for grooms who want to make it traditional.


If yours is a strictly formal wedding going to happen after 18.00, go for a finely tailored bespoke tuxedo. This classic choice always involves a silk bow tie and satin in the lapels. At Lamilago, our master tailors are tailoring this traditional attire with a modern take. And that’s exactly what modern men are looking for!

Wedding Suits

Contemporary grooms who want to be less formal, often pick fancy three-piece suits. And there are hundreds of options to make super elegant wedding suits. Having tailored many bespoke suits, we know what would go for weddings in different seasons, moods, and venues. Visit us if you are looking to tailor suits for casual beach weddings.

How To Choose Classic Groom’s Suits

Unless you are a fashion expert, it is not an easy task to choose a groom’s suit. Especially when the moods of the weddings vary from strictly formal and formal to less formal and informal. Whether you are buying a ready-to-wear suit or getting a custom-tailored suit, this is going to be valuable for every Australian groom.


Popular colors for formal wedding suits are blue, dark blue, grey, and midnight blue. But for a rather casual beach wedding, off-white, beige, light blue, and light grey colors are the best. They beautifully complement the less formal spirit of the wedding. You can skip dark wool suits a miss for this joyous occasion. Black is the most formal but not much worn for a lavish event like a wedding. But you can pick midnight blue for the most formal weddings.


When it comes to fabrics, we prefer going by season. For winter and fall weddings, we would recommend thicker flannel, cashmere, and merino. While for hotter days, you can choose linen blends and cotton to stay fresh and dry. Like, we have tailored excellent linen suits for many beach weddings. But you can always add a touch of luxury to your less formal weddings with silk suits or luxurious wool blends.

Suit Style

Style is indeed the most difficult part of the wedding suit. A fashionable three-piece suit should be any groom’s first choice! As it looks more elegant and formal rather than a two-piece suit without a waistcoat. After all, you have to look different amidst groomsmen and among all the guests. Hence we help you create your personalized wedding suits that not only look superb but also take care of your likes and dislikes for fabrics, basic suit style, lapels, vents, pockets, and other details. Whether you want to follow the trends or want to break the fashion rules, we customize your suits as you wish! We implement styles to highlight your personality to its best. As for the trousers, they can be with a cuff or without the cuff. Well-fit trousers without belt loops are perfect for formal settings of weddings. Thoughtfully chosen ties, boutonniere, and pocket squares are also important parts of any traditional groom’s suit. It instantly makes you stand apart from the crowd.

But contemporary grooms also choose two-piece suits. In this case, keep it deep navy blue or charcoal grey. You may also try the double-breasted style only if you are willing to experiment. Because if it is not a three-piece, it would rather look too informal if your bride is dressed with all perfection and glory.

Quick Tips For Grooms From Our Wedding Suit Specialists

For all grooms who are planning their wedding suits, here are some quick tips from our specialists. Because it is important to select your suit with a panoramic perspective.

Fit The Venue Of The Wedding

While you are discussing your suit with your bespoke tailor, do intimate the wedding venue and time. Whether you are having an outdoor country wedding or a beach wedding or an evening affair in a plush hotel or a ballroom, it matters a lot.

Consider Your Partner’s Attire

If your bride is going to wear a bedazzling gown, you can coordinate with her dress by choosing a tux. A light lace gown for your bride will look great with your classic suit. In short, be sure your attire fits well with your bride’s dress. At the same time, your attire should not be outweighing your partner’s.

Get A Perfect Fit

No matter how lavish is your suit, it won't work unless it fits you perfectly. This is what makes grooms go for bespoke suits. You should be able to walk and dance without feeling awkward.

Groomsmen’s Attire

While the groomsmen wear a 2-piece suit, you can stand out with a classic three-piece suit. If the groomsmen are wearing 3-piece suits, you can stand apart by using a different vest color. Apart from the basic style of the suit, you can look striking by choosing attractive accessories.

At Lamilago, we make it very simple for couples geared up for their big day. Friendly fashion experts and suit specialists make them feel at home. Apart from the details of their weddings, we lend ears to their personal preferences for colours and styles. Moreover, the creativity and craftsmanship of our team render an exceptional wedding suit to make the day memorable!